Hello my name is Claren Tucker, owner of Tucker Homes Inc. Over the last 4-5 years my company and I have worked on several remodeling projects at Scenic Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Herculaneum.

I remember the first time I walked into Scenic Nursing and Rehab, I was intimidated by the sheer thought of working inside the nursing home and around the residents.  I soon realized that the management at Scenic wanted only the best for the residents.  The word "Safety" was a word I heard of over and over.  I was overwhelmed by the care and affection by the Scenic staff.  Any and all decisions made were for the best interest of the residents. 

My first project at Scenic was to remodel 55 rooms with new coutner tops, sinks and tiled bathroom floors.  During this time working at Scenic, I witnessed numerous random acts of kidness, from just saying hello, or taking the time for a hug here or a laugh there from all of the nurses, employees, maintenance staff to various residents each day.  The staff wasn't trying to impress me or my crew, it became evident that Scenic has compiled a staff that truly cared about the residents.  The care given to each resident was just impressive.  The residents rooms were always clean and the staff always took time if a resident has a question, or need help with anything.

Recently my family was devastated with the news that my wife's mother was diagnosed with Dementia.  After several months of trying to keep her at home with our family, it just became to much work as she began falling 4-5 times a day.  We knew we had to put her in a place that was equipped to care for her.  We wanted her to have the best care possible.  We also wanted her to live in a place that was modern, clean and where she would be in good hands.  Without reservation during a family meeting I recommended Scenic Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as the place for her to stay.

Seeing a loved one slowly taken over by dementia was and is very difficult to watch.  Scenic Nurisng and Rehab has helped out family through this process and took the time to answer every question we had.  We know she is in good hands and is being taken care of very well.

Our family would like to Thank each and every member of the Scenc Nursing and Rehab staff for the care and support given to our family member as she battles Dementia!


Clarence CT Tucker

The people here at Scenic Nursing and Rehabilitation Center are very friendly, both the staff and residents. They take care of the facility and take good care of me! They answer my call light quickly when I need anything! I would highly recommend Scenic to anyone who needs rehab or total care. They are very willing to work with you in rehab.

Darrell Mercer,
Scenic Nursing and Rehab resident

My name is Glenda Boardman and I am honored to talk to you about Scenic Nursing and Rehab as a staff member and as a resident.

In December of 2010, I became very ill and was in the hospital for over two weeks. Upondischarge from the hospital, I required extensive therapy. I chose to go to our facility for the therapy and was there for almost two months.

As a resident, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew I would get the best therapy which I did. I knew I would be treated well which I was treated very well. The private rooms are wonderful. The Nurses and CNA’s were great and the Housekeeping staff was awesome.

I love my job and the people I work with as well as the residents. I have been well received here as a staff member. We have fun with the residents as well as with one another, but we get our work completed as expected. I feel it is a great place to work.

I strongly suggest to anyone who needs therapy, to try Scenic Nursing and Rehab if they want the best therapists and the best care.

Glenda Boardman,
Staff and Resident,
Scenic Nursing and Rehab